Welcome to the DC Jobs Council


On Monday, July 14, the Council of the District of Columbia voted unanimously to pass the Fair Criminal Records Screening Act of 2014 (B20-0642).

This landmark bill, introduced on January 7, 2014, “bans the box” on employment applications, putting an end to the discriminatory practice of automatically disqualifying returning citizens based solely on their history with the criminal justice system. Further, it requires employers to wait until after extending a conditional offer to perform a criminal background check.

The DC Jobs Council thanks the hardworking members of the Ban The Box Coalition for their indefatigable attitude and their unshakeable commitment to ensuring returning citizens have a fair shot at a job. We thank the DC Chamber of Commerce, too, for engaging in negotiations respectfully and honestly. More than 60,000 District residents will benefit from this historic law.


As part of the network’s coverage of the President’s State of the Union address, MSNBC,com reporter Suzy Khimm examined the plight of long-term unemployed residents of the District of Columbia. The DC Jobs Council was featured in her report, In DC, Inequality Hits Home.


The DC Jobs Council is a coalition of workforce development service providers seeking to strengthen the workforce system in the District of Columbia so that it meets the needs of all residents, with a focus on those facing the highest barriers to employment or re-employment. We accomplish this by advocating for an effective and efficient workforce system, building the capacity of work force development service providers, and ensuring alignment between employer needs and workforce preparation. Our vision is a District of Columbia where every resident has the job training and education necessary to succeed in jobs that pay wages that lead to economic stability and that meet the skill needs of local employers.